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The Shadow Hero, Chapter #3 Review

This is a continuation of the review for The Shadow Hero, with Chapters 1&2 reviewed here. Look for the next couple of chapters in the following weeks. Written by: Gene Luen Yang Art by: Sonny Liew Publisher: First Secon...


We The Community: Ashley Rose Spotlight

We The Nerdy is all about their fans and community and as a way to say thanks and to give back we will be doing profiles of the talent that you our readers provide! If you would like us to give you a spotlight please email cont...


Daredevil #7 Review

Written by: Mark Waid & Javier Rodriguez Art by: Javier Rodriguez & Alvaro Lopez Publisher: Marvel Regardless of anyone’s thoughts on the Original Sin event, you have to admit, it’s made for a really cool...


The Multiversity #1 Review

Written by: Grant Morrison Art by: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Nei Ruffino Publisher: DC Since the end of the mega-hit weekly series “52” there has been talk of “the Multiversity” happening again and again. It’s been ...

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Nerdy Against Humanity Episode 5

Adrienne and Jonathan attempt to retain the tiara against Joseph, Richard, and myself in another laugh out loud game of Cards Against Humanity! Who ended up prevailing in the end? Watch the video to find out!


Warcraft: The Sundering Book Review

Thus far, I’ve described Richard A Knaak’s War of the Ancients trilogy as strange. All three Warcraft books are a mix of stupid fun, bad writing, and this hopeful sincerity that is hard to hate. None are perfect, but the fi...