31 Days of Horror 2018: Day 10- Hereditary

Posted October 10, 2018 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

Day 10 fright fans, and up today for your viewing pleasure is the brilliant horror flick Hereditary. A family suffers a tragedy when Annie’s (Toni Collette) mother passes away. Her husband, Steve (Gabriel Byrne), son Peter (Alex Wolff), and daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro) deal with the demise in their own way. It doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike again, and as Annie tries to unravel a dark secret from her family history, her own family begins to deal with horrific events, and she herself begins to unravel. She needs to solve the mystery to help her family avoid a deadly fate. 9.5/10 stars

It’s hard to believe this is the debut feature from director Ari Aster, as he has crafted an excellent piece of work showing a family’s descent into madness. The visual effects are times subtle but very effective, and the suspense is maintained from the outset. Shapiro, making her feature film debut, offers a sympathetic portrait of Charlie as a talented but worried young girl. Byrne (Marco Polo, Stigmata) is solid as the husband struggling to deal with his fast unraveling wife. Wolff (Patriots Day) does a terrific job as the son who tries to numb himself with drugs, but then deals with increasingly disturbing visions. But this is Collette’s (The Sixth Sense, Krampus) show, and her outstanding performance is one of the best reasons to view this film. She delivers on all fronts, whether she’s trying to be an understanding mother, a person in extreme grief, or one determined to find answers in the madness unfolding around her. This is one of the best horror films in recent years, and should not be missed. Now showing on OnDemand and available on Blu-ray/DVD.

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