31 Days of Horror 2018- Jigsaw

Posted October 1, 2018 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

It’s October, and that means it’s time for another round of 31 Days of Horror, where I watch a horror film a day, give a brief but not full review, and then my thoughts on the film. I try not to repeat films I’ve seen before or used in previous 31 Days of Horror, and so you won’t see the obvious Halloween choices here like Halloween (1978), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1981), or Night of the Living Dead (1968). I hopefully will be able to include some of the more recent horror releases, as well as some classics. We’ll see how it goes, since i never know where my dark journey will take me. I will give my score for each film after the brief review, and will state where you can find it for your viewing pleasure. So welcome aboard fellow ghouls, and let’s get our horror trip for this year started!

Our first entry is 2017’s Jigsaw, the eighth entry into the long running franchise. A new group of victims (Laura Vandervoort, Paul Braunstein, Mandela Van Peebles, and Brittany Allen) have been “invited” to play a game by someone who bares more than a passing resemblance to the serial killer Jigsaw, even though Jigsaw himself has supposedly been dead for the past ten years. As the bodies begin to be found by detectives Halloran (Callum Keith Rennie) and Hunt (Cle Bennett), the investigation drags in mortician Logan Nelson (Matt Passmore) and his assistant, Eleanor (Hannah Emily Anderson). The films moves at a brisk pace, and the directors, The Spierig Brothers, do their best to interject the twists and turns the series has been known for. 7/10 stars

The movie is nicely done, though it may be time to lay the Saw franchise to rest. Still, for fans of the series, this is fairly entertaining, though not as heavy on the gore, focusing more on the police procedural to unravel the mystery of the killer. The victims, while not especially memorable, are still decently acted and a couple have more layers than what is initially apparent. You may figure out the final twist well before its reveal, but it’s still nicely done. Knowledge of the prior films in the series is helpful but not completely necessary to enjoy this entry. The film does a good enough job of setting up enough background to help newbies to the franchise understand what’s going on. It’s worth a watch, even if it doesn’t measure up to the first Saw movie. Now available on Blu-ray/DVD and Hulu.

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