31 Days of Horror: Day 18- A Ghost Story

Posted October 18, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

It’s Day 18 on our spooky saunter through cinema, and up today is the quietly creepy and somewhat meditative A Ghost Story. A couple (Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara) share a home until one day he is killed in an automobile accident. He returns as the old fashioned ghost as a guy in a sheet, and observes his wife and the passage of time trapped in his house.

This is a hard film to score, and it certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. The acting is minimal by design. There is barely any dialogue, save one big monologue later in the film. Director David Lowery (the 2016 version of Pete’s Dragon) tells us the story primarily through the images witnessed by the ghost. The ghost simply moving about and watching events unfold liked a sheeted voyeur is quietly creepy. It portrays a meditative picture of grief and eventually acceptance from both the perspective of the living and the dead. There are moments of sweetness as well as a frightening sense of despair of being stuck in one place for an eternity. For some, this will be a movie about nothing, a boring long montage of a guy in a sheet in a house. For others, it will represent a more philosophical journey, one with meanings to be discussed after the credits roll. I do recommend going in with an open mind. I will say that the musical score by Daniel Hart fit the movie perfectly. This is a more artsy take on the notion of a haunted house that relies on quieter moments rather than overt scares or gory special effects. Now available on DVD and Blu-ray. 7/10 stars

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