31 Days of Horror: Day 21- The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Posted October 21, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

It’s day 21, and up today is the chilling 2016 movie from Trollhunter director Andre Ovredal, The Autopsy of Jane Doe. A family is found murdered in their home in Grantham, Virginia, and in the basement the body of an unrelated and unidentified young woman (Olwen Kelly) is found. The sheriff (Michael McElhatton) has the body taken to the local mortuary run by the father and son team of Tommy (Brian Cox) and Austin (Emile Hirsch). Austin begs off his date with girlfriend Emma (Ophelia Lovibond) and stays to aid his dad, since the sheriff wants the autopsy on the young woman done by morning. As they begin to examine the corpse, things get stranger and stranger. It becomes clear that this Jane Doe is harboring some secrets. As they explore the mystery, odd things begin to happen, and both soon find they may be in danger.

The movie starts off a little slow, but quickly establishes the relationship between Tommy and Austin, and their attention to their job as morticians. It does a nice job in holding your interest, and unfolds one mystery after another, sucking you further and further in. There is a creepy atmosphere maintained throughout, which is fitting since most of the movie takes place in the morgue. Once things take a more supernatural turn, things get a bit more chilling, with some decent jump scares tossed in. Both Cox (Trick ‘r Treat, Manhunter) and Hirsch (Speed Racer, The Darkest Hour) give terrific performances, each trying to react logically to what they’re finding and what’s happening around them. When they realize they’re in danger, they still try to behave smartly and believably. The gore effects are very well done, and won’t be for the squeamish. The reveal in the end as to what’s going on is familiar and yet it works quite well. In the end, The Autopsy of Jane Doe proves to be a very spooky and engaging supernatural thriller, and is well worth your time. Now available on DVD and Blu-ray. 9/10 stars

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