31 Days of Horror: Day 22- Antibirth

Posted October 22, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

Day 22 on our trip through horror cinema, and up today is the very bizarre, trippy 2016 flick Antibirth from director Danny Perez (Oddsac). Lou (Natasha Lyonne) is a party girl, and after one wild party begins to suspect that she’s become pregnant. Her friend Sadie (Chloe Sevigny) becomes concerned, and worries that the drugs supplied by her boyfriend Gabriel (Mark Webber) may be having some odd effects on Lou. Strange things happen, and Lou begins to have strange visions. A mysterious woman named Lorna (Meg Tilly) arrives to help Lou. It becomes apparent that the pregnancy is not normal, and may have something to do with a military conspiracy.

This was one odd, psychedelic movie. Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) plays her role well, and it takes a bit to realize something else is going on besides a self destructive party girl coming to grips with the fact she may be pregnant. Sevigny (The Snowman) is fine as the supportive friend who knows more than she lets on. Tilly (Psycho II, Body Snatchers) is also decent as a woman with a military background who also seems to recognize there is something peculiar about Lou’s pregnancy. There are a fair amount of body horror effects, and some very twisted imagery. The final scenes are quite bizarre, and some will enjoy them, while others will shake their heads and wonder what the hell they’re watching. It definitely is a bit different, but its oddity may turn off some viewers while attracting others. Now showing on Netflix. 6.5/10 stars

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