31 Days of Horror: Day 23- Starry Eyes

Posted October 23, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

Up to Day 23 on our terrifying travels, and today’s entry is the somewhat timely 2014 flick, Starry Eyes. Sarah (Alexandra Essoe) is an aspiring actress, struggling like so many others in Hollywood. She has a crappy job at a local eatery, shares an apartment with friend Tracy (Amanda Fuller), and spends time with her other friends Erin (Fabianne Therese), Poe (Shane Coffey), Ashley (Natalie Castillo), and Danny (Noah Segan), who has his own aspirations to being a filmmaker. Sarah answers an ad for a film called The Silver Scream from a production company called Astraeus Pictures, and is called for an audition. She soon learns that she needs to strike a dark bargain for her dreams, and that bargain entails a bit of sacrifice.

Oddly enough, with current news stories about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other directors/producers, Starry Eyes feels a bit more timely than it may have been when originally made in 2014. Directors Kevin Kolsch (Holidays) and Dennis Widmyer (Curtain) build things slowly, touching on the struggles of an aspiring actress where some are willing to take advantage and push a compromising of morals. A glimpse of a pentagram symbol lets us know something more evil is afoot. Essoe (The Neighbor, Tales of Halloween) is fairly good in the role of Sarah, as she gets pulled down a dark hole in pursuit of her dreams. The make-up effects showing her transformation are well done, and provide a suitable amount of gore. The other members of the cast are fine as well, with both Fuller’s (Last Man Standing) Tracy and Segan’s (Looper, War Pigs) Danny standing out. The violence, when it comes, is fairly brutal, even while being a bit predictable. Worth a look. Now showing on Netflix. 6.5/10 stars

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