31 Days of Horror: Day 24- Door to the Other Side

Posted October 24, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

It’s Day 24, and as we approach the final week on our trip through horror movies we stop off at a low key but somewhat effective haunter, the 2016 film Door to the Other Side. Tim (Mitch Holden) has become a recluse, refusing to step outside of his home. 19 years earlier, his wife was killed under supernatural circumstances, and his daughter seemed to be taken. A young couple who live next door (Nicholas Bianchi and Robin De Lano) try to help, going to the store for him and the like. Tim is still plagued by strange occurrences and occasional glimpses of his dead wife, and soon the couple are drawn into the mystery.

Door to the Other Side is definitely a very low key film, as well as low budget. There are no flashy special effects, and what we see of Tim’s visions are accomplished through lighting and effective make-up. While director Norman Lesperance (Future Murder), who also plays a role in the movie, does maintain a creepy and unsettling atmosphere throughout, the movie also moves slowly, and feels a little long despite its 91 minute running time. The twist used is a familiar one, and even a bit predictable, but it’s handled nicely. The ending, while it works, may leave many feeling things were unresolved. This is not a movie that will appeal to everyone. There is no gore, no jump scares, no eye popping visual effects. Just an eerie supernatural presence that makes itself known.It helps that the acting is fairly good and sells their respective roles. Now showing on Amazon. 6/10 stars

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