31 Days of Horror: Day 26- Hunted

Posted October 26, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

Day 26 on our horrific hike, and up today is the different 2013 vampire flick, Hunted (originally released as Rufus). The movie opens as Rufus (Rory J. Saper) and his guardian, Louise (Christina Jastrzembska) arrive by bus in the small town of Conrad. Louise tells Rufus to try to fit in, and promptly steps in front of a truck, and is killed. The chief of police, Hugh Wade (David James Elliot) takes Rufus home, where his wife, Jennifer (Kelly Rowan), initially is reluctant to take the boy in, as she is still coming to grips with the death of their son. Rufus meets the girl next door with a reputation, Tracy (Merritt Patterson), and her once boyfriend Clay (Richard Harmon). When Clay attacks Tracy, Rufus intervenes, revealing a secret about himself. Soon, a stranger arrives in town looking for Rufus (Kim Coates), bearing secrets of his own.

Hunted is not your typical vampire movie, and doesn’t exactly follow the traditional folklore. In that way it reminded me a bit of George A. Romero’s Martin. While there are sporadic moments of bloody violence, the movie mostly deals with Rufus trying to fit in, and the relationships he makes. The cast is fairly good. Rory J. Saper makes a good debut here, and makes Rufus likeable and even a little relatable as he tries to fit in. Patterson (The Royals) can be a bit erratic, at once drawn to Rufus and in another shutting him out. Elliot (Trumbo, Secrets and Lies) is very good as the police chief who comes to realize there is more to Rufus than meets the eye. Coates (Sons of Anarchy) works well as the shady Aaron Van Dusen, one who claims to work for a pharmaceutical company who knows Rufus and wants to take him in for his own means. There are some nice effects, and the music by Erland & The Carnival (Andrew Bruce, Erland Cooper, David Nock, Simon Tong, and Danny Wheeler) makes for a good backdrop. Worth a look, for a different type of vampire movie. Now showing on Amazon Prime. 8/10 stars

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