31 Days of Horror: Day 27- The Canal

Posted October 27, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

Day 27 of our spooky sojourn, and up today is the 2014 ghost story The Canal. David (Rupert Evans) is a film archivist who suspects that his wife Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) may be having an affair. His colleague Claire (Antonia Campbell Hughes) gives him a 16mm reel that shows that his house was the scene of a brutal murder in 1902. After viewing the film, David begins to find himself unraveling, and he fears for the safety of his son, Billy (Calum Heath). He becomes convinced that a spectral presence is haunting the home, and things get worse after his wife is found dead in the canal near their home, and the police begin to suspect David. But David insists supernatural forces are at work here.

The movie works well for the most part, though some could draw parallels to the film Sinister, sans the demon. David’s unraveling is handled believably, and Evans (The Boy) is convincing as a man fearful for his son as well as one convinced that ghosts are haunting him. The visions of the ghosts are fairly creepy, even if they are familiar to horror film fans. The mystery and suspense is done well by director Ivan Kavanagh (Tin Can Man), and the movie holds your attention throughout its 92 minute run time. There are a couple of jump scares, and the make-up effects are good. Now showing on Netflix. 7/10 stars

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