31 Days of Horror: Day 30- TerrorVision

Posted October 30, 2017 by Thomas James Juretus in Movies

It’s Day 30, Halloween Eve, and our entry for today is some 80s alien silliness with TerrorVision. The 1986 film from writer/director Ted Nicolau (Vampire Journals) opens on the planet Pluton, in the sanitation department, where an alien race decides to get rid of its mutant monsters by zapping them into space via an energy beam. On Earth, Stan Putterman (Gerrit Graham) is installing a new satellite dish for his family: wife Raquel (Mary Woronov), daughter Suzy (Diane Franklin), son Sherman (Chad Allen), and Grampa (Bert Remsen). Unfortunately for the Puttermans, when an energy beam strikes the satellite dish it brings with it a very hungry mutant space beast. Naturally, Sherman is the first to realize what they’re dealing with. But he’s a kid, and in typical horror movie fashion, no one wants to believe him.

The film is ridiculously silly, spoofing cute alien movies like E.T. with its oversized, gross creature who turns people into goo, then spits them out again as part of its body. The acting is decidedly campy and over the top, especially Franklin’s (The Amityville Murders) Suzy, her heavy metal boyfriend O.D. (Jonathan Gries), and a horror movie hostess named Medusa (Jennifer Richards). The Putterman house is equally ridiculous, with its sex oriented statues and paintings, and Grampa’s very well stocked bunker, complete with M-16s, grenades, and plastic explosives. If nothing else, it makes for an entertaining 83 minutes, as long as you don’t even attempt to take it seriously. Plus, it has that catchy theme song. Now showing on Amazon Prime. 6/10 stars

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