6 Marvelous Moments from the Captain America Trailer

Posted October 31, 2013 by Mark-Anthony in Comic Books

Last Thursday Marvel released the first full-length trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The follow-up to Cap’s first solo adventure and the first post-Avengers appearance of the iconic hero.

The trailer was met with widespread praise from nerds and non-nerds alike. At one point on Thursday ‘Captain America’ was even trending on Twitter. The First Avenger grossed just over $370 million worldwide back in 2011; which is decent but wouldn’t be considered a runaway success in this day and age. But if the tone and tenor of this first trailer is a true indication of the movie, Captain America’s popularity could skyrocket.

Here are six moments from the new trailer suggesting The Winter Soldier will be a superior movie, and a more financially successful one.

1. Cap Jumps Out of a Plane
No parachute? No problem

No parachute? No problem

Come to think of it, this looks familiar…

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2




Marvel heroes sure do love jumping out of planes don’t they? I love it too, carry on.

2. Cap in the Elevator


Not only does he mock his would be assassins ahead of time, but did you see him flip his shield right to his arm? That’s gold.

3. Man vs Vehicle


This is becoming the new ‘walking away from an explosion’ in the action movie genre.

4. The Falcon Takes Flight


Yes I’m one of those people that always thought Falcon was an easy character to make fun of, like Aquaman, but this re-imagining of him looks great.

5. The Knife Throw


Could this antagonist get the best of Cap? The grown up Bucky seems pretty formidable to me.

6. The Shield Catch
Yep, quite formidable...

Yep, quite formidable…

This is the moment everyone has been talking about. This trailer leaves a lasting impact because of that one shot.

Honourable Mention: The Helicarrier Blowing-up.


It’s a nice set-piece; but after The Avengers, the helicarrier getting attacked is already too familiar. And while Robert Redford will be a great addition to the cast, in this particular trailer there was no specific moment or line of dialogue that stood out enough for a place on the list.

So there is it folks, a great trailer which makes the movie look like the best Phase 2 entry yet. Check out the full trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier below, and let us know your favourite moments in the comments below, as well as what are you looking forward to the most about Cap 2.

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