Amazing Spider-Man #17 Review

Posted April 6, 2015 by Spencer Maxwell in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Slott and Christos Gage

Art by: Humberto Ramos

Publisher: Marvel

The grand multi-verse spanning adventure Spider-Verse has just ended and it already seems completely forgotten. There is no lasting impact on Peter Parker or anybody within his comic. It feels as the complete lack of affect on such a high stakes event makes the preceding story have even less weight.

Amazing Spider-Man #17 deals with corporate espionage, as the villain Ghost tries to destroy Parker Industries from the inside. Peter must attempt to conceal his identity while trying to save the lives of his employees as the security goes awry. The Black Cat’s bid for revenge only begins with the complete destruction of our hero’s professional life.

Dan Slott along with Christos Gage script this comic. It’s clear Slott has had control of this character for too long. The stakes are not as high as his last few story lines, which is especially problematic as it has not influenced Peter Parker at all. We have seen such little interest in his company, so why should the reader care that it’s in jeopardy? He doesn’t seem so bothered by the danger his future is in. The supporting characters seem almost irrelevant. We have barely given a chance to know them, the only reason we are supposed to care is because Slott basically states their importance. The only character who is given personality is Anna Maria. The reader gets to see a drive in her to make the company succeed, and she is also impacted by the tragedy that surrounds her.

Humberto Ramos also continues to pencil this book for an excessive amount of time. His work is greatly exaggerated in terms of the movements, poses and faces. This works great for the tone as it is purposefully reminiscent of the comics of decades ago. Ramos’ only flaw is his backgrounds which are bare for much of the story.

Amazing Spider-Man #17 is another weightless entry in the series. The only aspect that stands out in the script is the epilogue that builds on the looming threat of Black Cat. Once again, the art can’t do enough to save Dan Slott’s story.


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