An Interview With Dark Prophet Creator Evette Vargas

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We The Nerdy recently got the exciting chance to interview Evette Vargas, the creator of the upcoming Dark Prophet live action series. Dark Prophet is a comic book series turned live action science fiction series about Dai Shepherd, a talented music student whom has found himself  trying to defeat an evil organization after being framed for his girlfriends murder.  Read on as we discuss the protagonist of the series,the Dark Prophet franchise  as well as the cast and the series debut at Comic Con.  Watch the trailer for Dark Prophet here:


We The Nerdy: As we learn in Dark Prophet, Dai Shepherd (the protagonist) is a, “…gifted music student who discovers top secrets hidden in the binary codes of songs.” What was the inspiration behind Dark Prophet’s protagonist Dai Shepherd?

Evette Vargas: The inspiration behind the DARK PROPHET story and its protagonist, Dai Shepherd, came to me while I was working on a Black Sabbath branded entertainment project, which included the creation of a website that featured Black Sabbath branded clothing, jewelry, music, art and an animated story. The site and project revolved around a story based on a Black Sabbath myth. While I was designing the music player, I was struck with the recollection that the pure science of music is math. Everything about music is mathematical. With that I began asking myself a series of what if questions. Question like… Since the pure science of music is math, what if there were encrypted messages in the math—and what if those messages were encrypted by a covert government agency—and what if a musical genius discovered the messages, what would happen then? This was the birth of the DARK PROPHET mythology and of Dai Shepherd. The name, Dai, is a derivation of the name of the prophet David who was a shepherd, musician, poet, soldier, statesman and king.

WTN: The first comic book version of Dark Prophet premiered at San Diego and New York Comic Con this year. Are the comic book and live action series similar stories? Or are they different stories entirely?

E.V.: The stories exist in the same story world, which extends over one epic story timeline. But, in fact, the series and comic book stories are different. They each explore a different time period along the timeline of the full epic story.

The comic book series story focuses on how Dai Shepherd becomes the music artist known as, Dark Prophet; how he meets and establishes his Printrelationship with supporting characters, DJ Rashnu, and Cassie; and of how he uses his own music to build a rebellion to stop the antagonist, Gen. Luther, from controlling the planet through cyber-intelligence.

The series focuses on: Dai’s origin story; Dai seeking retribution for his girlfriends murder, which Gen. Luther frames his for; and how Dai, DJ Rashnu, Cassie and his rebellion try to stop Gen. Luther from seizing the planet.

WTN: Tell me a little more about the cast for Dark Prophet’s digital series.

E.V.: Rising star, Chase Fein, plays the leading role of Dai Shepherd. Chase is an incredible talent. Along with acting, he sings, writes music, plays drums, paints and more. Chase is a revered young actor breaking through. Personally, he’s a gift to my life and to the production.

Henry Rollins is a legend. His background in music, political advocacy and acting talent are perfect for playing the role of the antagonist, General Adam Luther. I wrote the role with Henry in mind and wasn’t settling for anyone else. Henry brings a level of depth, humanity and patriotism I wanted for the character.

Multitalented actor, Rick Gonzalez, was poised to play the role of DJ Rashnu. Rick is a DJ himself and immediately connected with the story. Rick brings an authenticity to the character that people connect with. He’s perfect as well.

I’m pretty damn lucky to work with such generous, incredibly talented actors.

WTN: Were auditions held for the roles, or did you already know who you wanted to cast?

E.V.: Auditions we held for sure. In fact, many auditions. We tested about five hundred actors for the various roles. It’s a tedious necessary process. I could not be prouder of the entire cast. They’re all amazing.

What are your plans for Dark Prophet after the digital series?
I’m currently just about done packaging the one-hour television series. My team and I will begin pitching the one-hour to broadcasters and digital distributors early 2015.

In addition, the feature length film is in the process of being funded.

WTN: Anything else you’d like our readers to know about Dark Prophet?

E.V.: SureDARK_PROPHET_POSTER_1, what it’s about. DARK PROPHET “The Light Exposing Darkness” is a present day sci-fi action thriller. DARK PROPHET is the story of gifted music student Dai Shepherd, who discovers top secrets hidden in the binary codes of songs, and then finds himself framed for his girlfriend’s murder. To find her killer and save civilization, Dai must stop Black Box, the rogue Intel agency that planted the secrets, from triggering the cyber-intelligence takeover of the planet. Think The Matrix, 24 and of today’s Top Secret Intelligence Leaks.

DARK PROPHET is an award-winning multi platform intellectual property that is told over multiple media formats, including a digital series, comics, mobile apps, original music, Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Augmented Reality, merchandising, live events, an upcoming one-hour TV series and a feature film. I’ve had the great honor and pleasure of writing, directing and exec producing the property for two plus years and working with brilliant genius, who continue to support me in realizing my vision. I’m thrilled to continue exploring where we can take it. Life is good.

To follow Dark Propehet’s progress, be sure to go to Digital Reign’s website.

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