Apple’s New iPads!

Posted November 4, 2013 by Pauldro in Tech

It’s been a while guys. During that while, a lot of tech news has happened. Heck, the future happened during that time period. So what’s new in Tech?

iPad Air
Picture of the iPad Air
The first thing we should talk about is Apple’s iPad Air. It’s the same screen as the bigger iPads but with less bezel and it weighs a pound. Seriously a full 10 inch (9.7 inches to be exact) that only weighs a pound? That’s amazing. I’m a vocal anti-Apple, but I still respect their quality of products. Where else can one get a serious tablet with serious polish and build quality and it still weighs a pound? Not many companies can boast that. Apple’s new tablet includes their new A7 processor which is a 64-bit processor that will give this puppy a nice bite with it’s bark. If Apple products are your thing, this isn’t a bad choice.

iPad Mini with Retina Display

iPad Mini

Like I said before, I’m not a big fan of Apple. I respect their build quality, but when I saw the original iPad mini, I knew Apple had finally made an Apple product that catered to me. It called my name. It wasn’t bulky like the iPads before it. It was slim, sexy, and dangerous. At the time there weren’t that many tablets that could compete with it without compromising important specs. The only close competitor I saw was the Nexus 7 (original), but still didn’t look as sexy. I decided not to buy the original iPad mini because it needed that Apple seal of approval that is the retina display. I wanted an amazing display that isn’t out of the question when it comes to Apple products. Finally, they released the new iPad mini with the retina display. 326ppi of pure awesomeness. That’s beauty being shot into your eyes.  Beautiful HD from a high quality build product.


Apple’s doing a good job with their new iPads and iOS7. It’s going to be a tough choice between the iPad Mini 2 and the Nexus 7 this holiday season. Which reminds me, there’s going to be holiday wishlist article highlighting the best stuff you can get in tech over the holidays. If you’re planning on getting the iPad mini 2, you should get it ASAP as it will sell out like hotcakes and I’ve been hearing that the supply for the displays are low so there will be a shortage.

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