Aquaman Review

Posted December 18, 2018 by Aron Pohara in Movies

Directed by:
James Wan

Starring: Jason
Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson


DCEU has had its ups and downs throughout the years. Needless what you think of Zack Snyder’s movies: BvS, Man of Steel and Justice League, the inherent lack of vision of what kind of movie the studio wanted to make was more than evident. I say the studio because all 3 of Zack Snyder movies (2 of which are confirmed) had an extended cuts that cleaned up not just the editing of those movies but narrative structures as well.

Wonder Woman changed that and now with Aquaman same as with Wonder Woman we have a movie we can see everyone involved is having a blast making. Momoa leads the pack as Arthur Curry/Aquaman and he truly owns this role. One could say that movie works or it doesn’t with Momoa selling the role as a character that can work on its own and I can easily say he made it work.  He never takes himself too seriously poking fun at most ridiculous portions of Aquaman lore while making them badass as well. Amber Heard as Mera and Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna both kick ass and are never just damsels in distress. 

Visually the movie is amazing in parts where it rivals even watching a movie like Avatar for the first time; some of the underwater sequences are truly revolutionary. The best part of all of this it never feels that the movie takes the effects and let them control the actual narrative; it is always in a supporting role which is very important in movies like this. 

Movie is certainly not perfect with a character of Black Manta is pretty underdeveloped and under-used. Patrick Wilson as Ocean Master was fine but never as menacing as he really should.  Villains are pretty under-developed as in most of the superhero movies as they are only put there as an obstacle for the hero to overcome.  Hopefully Black Manta gets developed more in the sequels as he truly has a potential to be a force to be reckoned with across the seven seas.

Aquaman is a step in a right direction for DCEU and up there with Wonder Woman in a sense that even the scale of the movie isn’t as big as say Infinity War; the personal story is engaging and the leads certainly carry the movie to make it entertaining and never ridiculous as one would think a movie about a man that can talk to fish would be like. Well played DC.

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