Ashley Rose: 2 Years On

Posted February 24, 2017 by Josh McCullough in Comic Books
Ashley Rose’s art has been taking off recently and has been steadily growing in popularity. Since appearing on our website almost two years ago, we recently caught up with her to find out what she’s been working on and found out about some exciting developments.
We The Nerdy (WTN): So we last featured your art on our website around 2 years ago, how have things been going since then?
Ashley Rose (AR): Things have been busy, I just started attending conventions this past year with my own booths. The turnout has been surprising for me. I have also been working on some indie comic anthology stories and I have done some pin ups for some indie books.
WTN: I’m told you’re getting an art book published. How did that come about and what are your expectations from it?
Well I wanted to put something out that anyone can buy and enjoy. I know some of my prints go for about 10.00 on Tee Public and at conventions you can buy them me for the same cost. This book has a ton of my art and some background information about me that you can buy for less than 3 prints of mine.
My expectations are that I hope people will enjoy it or check it out. I offer it in Ebook format as well. The book is called “More Than Black Outlines: Vol. 1” you can also purchase it at my website and it will be available on Amazon soon.
Here is the Ebook link and the book link:
The hardcover is just beautiful. Gradually as time goes by there will be more volumes.
WTN: How did you get into art in the first place, was there anything in particular that inspired you?
AR: I do believe I am where I am supposed to be. Comics have been a part of my life since I was 2. I always drew and made art growing up. I started off as a tattoo apprentice and then went to adapting my style to comics. I also studied graphic design, inking, lettering, coloring, and I am now starting to write.
I get a lot of my design inspiration from Jim Steranko’s work. I enjoyed and studied some of his graphic design work when I was in college. I like a lot of Steve Ditko’s work as well.  I admire artist like Jerry Ordway, Lee Bermejo, Doug Mahnke, and Ivan Reis. There are just so many good artist that it’s hard to say what I enjoy or what particularly inspires me. All these artist that I named have their own style and I feel have contributed to the industry in their own way.
WTN: Have you any particular favorite characters or styles you like to draw?
AR: I don’t have a particular style. I love to experiment with styles and new things.  Just like in life I like to try and fail than to not try at all.
I enjoy a lot of the darker stuff like horror and my personal favorite style is noir.
WTN: What would be the dream job to land?
AR: I am very thankful and happy where I am at. If anything I would hope one day I can have a monthly book.
WTN: Anything else you’d like to add?
AR: Never give up, don’t take no for an answer, always question, draw as much as you can, and remember always step out in faith and will.
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