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Superior Spider-Man 25 Review

If Amazing Spider-Man continues to be as fantastic as Superior has been every month, then I have no worries about the wall crawlers future at all

`Spider-Man Revisited: Clone Saga, Part 5: Son of The Hunter

Spider-Man #50 was a stand alone giant sized issue that featured a continuation from “Beware the Rage of a Desperate Man” story. You don’t not need to have read that storyline to enjoy this issue, but if you w...

Spider-Man Revisited: Clone Saga, Part 4: Power and Responsibility, Part 2

The clone sits at May’s bedside contemplating what to do. “This woman said that Peter was going to die tonight. Now here I am, questioning what to do. Hoping that you’ll come out of your coma and make it all b...


Superior Spider-Man #23 review

A Plot So Thick.....But So Easy To Turn.....