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4-Color Philosophy: Why Comics Rule The World

As someone who grew up reading and collecting comic books and worshiping the characters that fill their pages, it’s odd, yet surreal to see these characters quite literally everywhere we look. Superhero comics have reache...


Savage Wolverine #14.Now Review

Savage Wolverine #14.Now Wrath #1 isn't a ground breaking new story, however it is a good start to an interesting story that stands alone from the piles and piles of X-books that Marvel puts out every week. The writing here is...


Saga #17 Review

Edge of your seat action, setting the tone of things to come. Issue 17 feels like the end of a major beat in the Saga story that left me completely anxious for the next issue.


Locke and Key: Alpha #2 Advance Review

Locke and Key is over, and with it's final chapter it will live on as a piece of comic book greatness. This book is right up there with Watchmen folks.


Nova #11 Review

A lot of fun to be had in a more grounded issue, there is bigger things to come but for now there's some great humor.