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Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #3 Review

Dredd’s latest assignment takes him—and his camera crew entourage—to a beautiful beach town in Mega-City Two


Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster #3 Review

Another issue, and yet another great read.


The Fuse #2 Review

“Two shots, two wounds, two cablers.” This quote pretty much sums up all the information Klem and Dietrich have to go off of while conducting their murder investigations. The two deaths seem to be connected in some way, but...


City #2 Review

City #2 unfortunately falls victim to some of the concerns I raised in my review of the introductory issue. As I said before, the story arc so far isn’t particularly innovative, as combining and contrasting humanity and techn...


The Big Bang Theory: “The Mommy Observation” Review

In a week where The Big Bang Theory was renewed for three more seasons, the series produced an amazing episode that immediately becomes a contender for best of the season. The episode starts off with the gang—minus Sheldon an...