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Comics Dash Podcast Episode # 25: The Superior…$4.99!

Jeff Lemires final Green Arrow story, more Superior Spiderman !!!!!! Another fun filled Comics Dash Podcast is here.

Spoilercast # 4: The Guardians of the Galaxy!

Hey guys here is the spoilercast episode for The Guardians of the Galaxy. Join David, Henry, Jean-Luc and Guilherme as we discuss this crazy fun action packed sci-fi adventure. As far as Marvel films , how does this hold up

Storm #1 Review

Storm #1 is very good and definitely worth a shot to try it out.

The Comics Dash Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Wrap Up Special!

Hello everybody and welcome to another fine installment of the Comics Dash Podcast! This is a special edition where we talk about all of the fallout from San Diego Comic-Con! With bundles of news, there’s plenty for every...

The Comics Dash Podcast : Episode 23: BATMAN DAY!!!

Its Batman day, just like every other day! But we also talk about Storm and Transfromers on this Episode as well :)