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The Comics Dash Podcast Episode 22: Not Lobdell!!!

Marvels getting a revamp...SO I GUESS ...we will have to talk about Marvel on this Comics Dash Podcast.

The Comics Dash Podcast Episode 21: Revamp!

Hey guys sorry for the late posting of this episode! But here is a new Comics Dash Podcast, and we decided to mix up the formula a bit, in kind of ditching the formula. We hope this will make the episodes better and more natura...

The Comics Dash Episode 20! : The Oldies!

So we actually made it to 20 episodes! We decided to do something special and talk about nothing new, but some of our favorite stories!

The Comics Dash Podcast Episode 19: Is it a bird, a plane? Its GEOFF JOHNS!

The Comics Dash is back to discuss a lot of DC...but we have to GEOFF JOHNS is here to save...I mean continue the great work on the Superman proper!

Comics Dash # 18: Kingpin Slimming Down?

The guys discuss Batman eternal, She Hulk, Shutter and much more..including a new on screen Kingpin.