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Spawn #238 Review

A bit of a filler issue for long time readers that slows down the main plot that was just gaining some steam.


Black Science #1 Review

An absolutely fantastic first issue by an extremely talented creative team. You'll definitely want to get on this series at the beginning.

Comic Book Cover of the Week! 11/20/13

Welcome back fellow nerds to the another installment of the Comic Book Cover of the Week! For anyone not familiar with these article, here’s how it works:  Each week two-three fellow writers on We The Nerdy, will pick out ...


Captain America: Living Legend #3

This mini has really fizzled out as the main villain and plot are pretty generic but for any hardcore Cap fan out there looking for a straight forward Cap story might find some good here


Star Wars #11

A years worth of separate storylines start coming together and the action ratchets up to an 11.