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Master of Worlds, Adventures, and Rules: A Look at the 5e DM’s Guide

It’s here, guys! My Triforce of D&D books is finally complete! The Player’s Guide was the piece of courage, giving heroes what they needed to get started on the road to adventure; The Monster Manual was the piec...

Five Heads Are Better Than One: The Rise of Tiamat D&D Module Review

Hello, and welcome to the second part of The Tyranny of Dragons D&D Campaign! I didn’t get much experience with part one, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, outside of the D&D Encounters version so I was very excited to g...

Monster Manual Review

I hold the tome in my hands, running my fingers over the cover. I can feel the dark power emanating from from this fiendish volume. It pulses with the power of a hundred villains, demons, devils, and dragons. I can almost feel ...

Babau Before Me: Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 2 The gang continues into the demonic pit and finally discovers some clues as to what’s going on here. Oh, and demons. Plenty of demons.

Goin’ Stag

Pathfinder Session 7, Part 1 We’re finally back with some more Pathfinder adventure! In this episode we continue to explore the spooky demon pit and face some interesting foes. Now, onward, to adventure!   Subscribe