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Thor: God of Thunder #18 review

Thor: God of Thunder #18 returns to the Viking Age. But beware: There be dragons!


Justice League 27 Review

Cyborg takes center stage, as we get a break from the Crime Syndicate.

Treasures of Asgard: A Disney/Marvel Experience

Asgard is real. I’ve been there. For reals this time guys! Not some weird delusion of playing tug of war against Thor or playing Where’s Waldo with Heimdall. I stood in the ACTUAL throne room and was greeted by the God of T...


Saving Mr. Banks Review

It’s been said that’s it’s a miracle that any movie gets made. With the amount of coordination required to see it from idea to script to screen, anything can happen to derail it. Saving Mr. Banks is proof of this adage. N...


Green Arrow #27 Review

The Outsiders War continues with Ollie and Shadow discovering what resides in the Tomb of the Arrow Clan and facing the Shield clan! EXCITEMENT! ADVENTURE! ARROWS!