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Thor: God of Thunder #14

The Accursed drags on and the League of Realms finds a traitor in their midst.


Justice League 25

Forever Evil (the event, not just the series) has been chugging along for a while now. Big things have happened both in the main title and in the ancillary ones. For example, we see Captain Cold show up in Forever Evil, but we ...


Homefront: Throwback Action

Statham has a new one, but don't be alarmed, you've seen this one before.


Aquaman #25 review

Johns brings an his Aquaman story to an end. While somewhat fitting, it feels a bit rushed, with a slight tease of whats to come.


12 Years A Slave

Award season is upon us. 12 years A Slave has the all the makings of an award worthy film, and its a film that should be seen by everyone.