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We the Gamercast Episode 23: New Start, Same bit of Awesome

Robby and Guilherme discuss a new direction for the show, and they break down some new games. They also discuss a few movies of the week. It’s a great show this week.

We The Gamercast Episode 23: The Boys Are Back!

This week, Ribby and Guilherme return! They discuss the games that have been played, Destiny, and potential games of the year. They’ve been gone for awhile, but they’re back to be great, on a weekly basis!

The Golf Club Review: Made for Golfers, but Maybe not Gamers

I’m an avid golf fan; I play, I watch, and I love playing golf video games. I grew up playing Hot Shots Golf and Tiger Woods Golf. When I saw Golf Club, it was the game that I was really excited to play. HB Studios, creators ...

We the Gamercast Episode 19: Gamescom Predictions

Robby, John, and Guilherme discuss the news from the past week, and they break down their predictions for this year’s Gamescom. Guilherme swears he’s going to win the battle this time.

We the Gamercast Episode 18: Where Does Video Games Fit In Films?

  Robby, Drew, and Guilherme discuss where video games fit in movies. They discuss the news, and they break down a new discussion question. They also discuss some theories for the new Assassin’s Creed game.