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Supernatural Season 9 Extravaganza Review

John Newby and I take a look at season 9 of Supernatural, its best episodes, and a finale review.

Godzilla Trilogy in the works

Gareth Edwards will be a busy man for the foreseeable future; not only has he agreed to direct the Star Wars spinoff, he has also reportedly agreed to direct the upcoming Godzilla sequels. Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull had...


Rust Review

It’s the crack of dawn. You wake up next to a giant mountain with a rock in your hand. You look up and see the sun dancing across the sky slowly, but surely. Suddenly, you hear the droning of an airplane and a giant crate dro...

Lego Movie Spinoff will come out in 2016

The Lego Movie was an overwhelming success at the box office. Although a sequel has already been announced, a new spinoff movie will feature the Ninja themed characters from Lego, the Ninjago. The tentative release date is set ...


Game of Thrones: Mockingbird Review

"Mockingbird" pulls on the heartstrings and some characters are featured in brilliant scenes.