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Original Sin #2 Review

The biggest sin is that it's the 4th event comic in about a year.


Original Sin #1 Review

Original SIn #1 may not offer a lot in it's first issue, but it presents so much potential to be great.


Trillium #7 Review

The weakest chapter of the book still leaves me curious as to how it will end.


Guardians of the Galaxy #12 Review

Who knew the story of a talking Raccoon teamed with a flamboyantly dressed space pirate saving a time-traveling psychic from an alien planet would be well written and emotional.


Trillium #6 Review

Jeff Lemire’s Trillium is very different from his DC work that many are familiar with. The pace is much slower and there is a stronger emphasis on character development. This book is very similar to his previous work Unde...