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Hawkeye #14 Review

When all's said and done this is a nice little issue that does it's job and entertains along the way, even tying in to the ongoing story with the twist at the end.


All-New X-Men #18 Review

The immediate fallout of Battle of the Atom was Kitty Pryde having a tantrum and taking the original five X-Men from the Jean Grey School to Scott and Magneto’s New Xavier School. This thread is picked up directly and exc...


Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Review

It's unclear why Marvel decided to completely re-title this issue as if it were a mini-series when it's clearly a continuation of everything that came before, if anything it might end up being ignored by some of the regular USM...

The Ultimate Daredevil Reading List

There aren’t many characters that have enjoyed a long period of consistently strong creative teams; most series have their ups and downs as talent changes and new teams try to find their own voice, some more successfully ...

Enduring Events: Marvel’s Civil War

Whether you love them or hate them, Events and Crossovers are mainstays of the comics medium. Every year a big name creator is given the task of uniting characters from various franchises and telling a compelling story, and the...