Badassical #1 Review

Posted March 23, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: John Fleming

Drawn by: Collette Turner

Published by: Kickstarter Project

Badassical is sci-fi Charlie’s Angels with even more attitude and craziness.

Except there’s no Charlie, and our heroines are no Angels. So it’s just attitude and craziness, really.

Badassical is written by John Fleming, who brings a lot of humanity to the characters. The book has a very frantic pace, with action scenes peppered throughout. What Fleming and Turner do here gives each one of these characters unique personalities. It’s this characteristic that ultimately makes the book fun.

One of the best parts of the book is its pace. It knows what it wants to be from the start, and there is no wasted energy. The characters are fascinating – we have Kate, who is completely carefree and will deal with any situation without any sense of danger. Then we have Pandora, who is a bit more skeptical, but goes along with the shenanigans anyway. And then we have Susan. Oh Susan… hopelessly in love with guns and watching things burn.

The best part of this is that the dynamic between all 3 characters is completely spot on. The characters have fantastic chemistry, which leads to a ton of great humor.

The book is drawn by Collette Turner. Her designs embody these characters. She gives every single one of them a distinct look, but more than that their personalities come through in her art beautifully. There are only few odd little panels  but overall the art is stellar and Turner’s style suits the book.

She handles all aspects of the book equally well, from action sequences to more quiet interactions between the characters. Lots of focus is put on the faces, and that works as much of the humor comes through the facial expressions.

Badassical #1 dives straight into the action, and presents some interesting mysteries.

Overall, the book is a blast. Even f it were just the three heroines talking to one another and Susan being gun crazy, the book would still be a blast. Being a Kickstarter book, it’s not widely available yet. But it is excellent, and I would highly recommend backing the project.

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