Batman #30 Review

Posted September 6, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: Clay Mann

Published by: DC Comics

Who would have thought Kite-man could have been made into an interesting character?

Tom King has taken us on an emotional roller coaster in this entire arc but his story of the small time criminal Kite-man is what has taken this story to another level. The interweaving web around him and the key players of Joker and Riddler is tying to the story perfectly.  What King has managed in this entire arc however is something amazing. The entire arc so far Batman is a supporting role in his own book.

It is far and between that that can be successful, as the reason Batman books work because people want to read about Batman adventures not his secondary characters or just his rogue gallery. King has taken titular character out of the equation and made the entire arc about his rogue gallery and managed to give a C level villain a relevant backstory. In this chapter he expands on that backstory more, with showing us exactly why he has chosen the path that he has and even what consequences that choice can have.

Clay Mann takes the artist duties in this chapter and with his style is able to bring the strife Kite-man has to forth light. There are some fantastic panels in here, especially in mid book, with only voice over to break up the panels which were in their own a right a perfect fit for the said backstory. Mann’s art really stands out throughout, but some of his close up work in this particular chapter is truly exceptional.

Batman continues to push the boundaries of a traditional Superhero comic book and it is what the biggest of this comic book is. King is not afraid of taking the rulebook of super hero writing and chuck it out of the window as he has shown in this particular arc. How many different popular super hero books can you truly say have taken an approach in which a main character of the book is relegated to the support character? Not many.

Batman together with Superman continues to be on top of their game, Wonder Woman unfortunately dropping out of the trinity of great books since Rucka has left. But if you like the character, if you are a fan of good writing in general, put this book on the pull. It might not have a non-stop action, but it is always exciting! Highly recommended.

Batman #30

Batman #30


Final Score

9.0 /10


  • Another great take on a relatively unknown villain
  • character dynamics
  • concentration on the rogue gallery

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