Batman Vs. Superman- Cavill’s Clark Kent look is revealed.

Posted June 30, 2014 by Sam Liggett in Movies

Courtesy of the Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund, the world now knows what Clark Kent will look like in the new Batman Vs. Superman movie.  While this isn’t the costume reveal that many fans have been hoping for, it comes from a good place, as the charity tweeted a photo of Cavill in costume holding a shirt he’d signed for one of their giveaways.

The costume itself looks like pretty standard Clark Kent fare, loafers, slacks shirt and tie, with a long overcoat and (if you look closely) gloves in the chair next to him. While there are no glasses visible in the shot, that’s a pretty iconic piece of the costume and, since they were in Man of Steel, it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll see them again.

Thumbs up to Henry Cavill for supporting this worthy cause, and thanks to the RMC TF for thinking of the fans this morning. Now, if we could just get that Wonder Woman suit reveal…

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