Blasters of the Universe Review

Posted April 2, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Developed By: Secret Location

Published By: Secret Location

Release Date: February 27th, 2018(PSVR)

Platforms: PC, PS4

Back in the 90’s, Allen Fitzpatrick was the undisputed champion of the arcade up until the moment he got bored and uploaded his consciousness into VR and began to create a virtual world in his image. It was there that he ruled for decades with an iron fist until the Blasters came along to challenge his reign.

The shooting range is a great way to test out your modifications.

One great thing about the game is that your blaster is completely customizable and there are multiple shields to choose from. When you first start up the game, you’re tasked with building your blaster starting with the frame, ammo, scope, etc and as you play you’ll gain access to new modifications, each with its own perks and stats. One add-on turns the gun into a semi-automatic, increasing your weapons damage output while another may cause bullets to bounce between enemies in close proximity to each other at the cost of lower damage. Each blaster frame also has their own special attack, with my favorite being a rapid firing dual blaster combo. Another fine detail of the weaponry in the game is that specific gun parts will actually display signs of use as you fire. For example, the magazine you start with actually breaks apart as you fire it as a sign of how many bullets you have left.

Enemies start out pretty basic from glowing green grunts to spider-bots and floating heads that fire bullets within specific patterns in true Bullet Hell fashion. As you progress through the levels, you’ll face newer enemies, some are variations while others are larger and more dangerous. Pink enemies signify a more dangerous foe and each level ends with a boss. It’s up to the you to pay attention to the enemy placement and avoid the incoming fire as it changes from red to yellow and not all enemies fire bullets. Some fire lasers and others rockets. Your head is the only vulnerable target and your shield can only block so many bullets so always remember the five D’s of Dodge ball; dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and then dodging all over the play area. I spent about an hour at one time playing the game and it tuckered me out, especially since I spent the first 20 minutes playing on the “Hell” difficulty. I ended up having to turn it down to get through the first level and worked up quite a sweat.

Your head is the only vulnerable target!

What I love most about Blaster of the Universe is the feeling of being inside its virtual world. It makes me feel like I’ve uploaded myself into The Grid from Tron. Alwyn is this ever present force within the world who proceeds to taunt you with silly, childish insults as you blast your way through his virtual minions armed with only a shield and blaster. Every time you kill a virtual soldier, they de-rez into cyberdust. Points pop up all around you as you blast your way to victory with well placed headshots and dodge as much of the enemies fire as you can with a slick tune playing to keep you in the action.

I played Blasters of the Universe on the PSVR and I feel that it really showcases just how capable Sony’s headset really is. Unlike Superhot, where I had a huge issue with being properly tracked in my living room, everything in Blasters of the Universe feels incredibly on point. Shooting is incredibly accurate and when I took damage, it was due to my lack of attention. There may also only be 4 levels but there’s also a challenge level that changes each week to keep things fresh. Blaster of the Universe is easily worth its price tag.

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