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Posted October 23, 2013 by Mario Miranda in Comic Books



With Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming to theaters relatively soon, I thought I would review this statue from Bowen Designs. These polystone statues are generally between 12-16 inches depending on the height of the character and do vary in detail and complexity. This particular statue is not as detailed as others have been in the past but I believe that is the look Bowen was going for. Here we have James “Bucky” Barnes in his Winter Soldier uniform while still under the Russian mind control as here we see him with longer hair and the Russian Red Star on Bucky’s left arm. The paint job is well done, with his metallic arm having a very realistic metallic look. I have heard other collectors wish that the paint was more mirror like but I think being a military add on, the finish would be more of a steel finish as opposed to say Colossus’ metal form.


Unlike other statues from Sideshow Collectibles or HotToys, these statues from Bowen do not usually come with any kinds of attachments or variations. Winter Soldier has a large sniper rifle attached to his right arm with an impressive amount of detailing. The paint on the gun has a bit of a matte coloring with slight “discoloring” which is on par with a painted metal surface would look like after long time use. He also comes with what appears to be an AK-47 that can be slung on his shoulders (which can be seen in the second image). Again this gun has a matte black coloring with some wood accents and some on purpose discoloring around the banana clip, although the matte black paint looks great, I find the wood accents to be lacking, and end up looking more like painted plastic. Personally I would have rather seen Bucky as the Winter Soldier after he regained his memories with the shorter hair and American Star on his arm but that is just a minor gripe and this is a fine looking statue by Bowen Designs. There is only one other statue out there depicting the Winter Soldier, from Kotobukiya, but the paint job on this Bowen entry is far superior. The statue is no longer available from retailers but can be found on EBay on occasion. If you’re thinking about purchasing one, I would recommend doing so soon as prices will skyrocket with the movie coming out just around the corner.



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