Bruce Timm’s Alternate Superman in Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles “Bomb”

Posted June 11, 2015 by Cody Rostron in Nerdy Bits

What if Superman didn’t crash in Kansas, there was no Ma and Pa Kent, no truth justice and the American way. He was raised with a skewed view of America and for good reason. That’s what this Alternate Universe Superman created by Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett bring to the table. An alien orphan who’s ship crash landed in Mexico instead of the heartland of America. That’s bound to change your outlook on life drastically. Now this animated short doesn’t go into all that detail. It’s more focused on telling a heart-wrenching story that the other guy in blue tights would never do. Building up to the Gods and Monsters Animated Movie these shorts are meant to give yo some connection to the characters you’ve never met before.




With a nice nod to Amanda Waller being the president in this alternate universe. Although not specifically mentioned it seemed as though that was her. Who else would build a Brainiac program to keep Superman in check. She appears to have found herself on the wrong side of an experiment like she often does. Presumably Metropolis is being destroyed, and Superman is know where to be found. It’s even brought up that he is an “Arrogant Bastard” two words you would never hear anyone say about the boy scout Clark Kent. But just as the city is about to be nuked to save and also cover up this devastating event Superman shows up asking for five minutes.
What happens next is a great action scene of Superman brushing cars off him like they were flys. And the even more telling moment was when a few dozen people were trapped on a bus, and Superman just passed them by, not obviously he had a more pressing issue. If he couldn’t stop, the giant red wave destroying the city there was no reason for saving all those people. Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few type of thing. But classic Superman would’ve found some way to both save those people and not have to do what this Superman is about to do. It’s a interesting take on these alternate heroes. So far much darker if not just more grounded than anything in the animated universe so far.

Nature V. Nurture

Then comes the heart string tugging. This is another reason you have to imagine the president who created Brainiac was Amanda Waller only someone as twisted as her would create/capture this child/robot and use it for experiments. Superman tries reasoning with the sobbing child but it seems as if there is no getting through to him or him stopping this on his own. So he does what he must think he has to. The crying child (not sure if that’s what he was, but that’s the way he was presented.) even asks Superman to finish this and make it all stop, And he does. You have to imagine Clark would reason with the kid and probably even comfort him at this moment. He would find some way out of it. But this Superman has a choice, every moment they talk they get closer and closer to a nuke being dropped on the city and Brainiac destroying more of it. After he kills Brainiac by heat vision, he has some genuine remorse which is to say that this Superman isn’t heartless he’s just practical.
The next and last Chronicles Animated short will be Wonder Woman, the much different looking Wonder Woman, daughter to Ares and a lineage to the old Gods. Check out Batman’s alternate self Kirk Langstrom below and stay tuned for the Justice League: Gods and Monsters Review once it’s Released.


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