Bruce Timm’s Wonder Woman in Justice League Gods and Monsters Chronicles “Big”

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“Twisted” ended on a shock, “Bomb” ended on heartbreak, and “Big” ended on Steve Trevor asking for a safe word. Out of the three I have to say Wonder Woman’s animated short was the weakest. Build up to this animated movie has been a good look at the characters we’ve never seen in this light. In this universe, Wonder Woman is presumably not Diana, she is a new god. She reminded me a lot of Thor, with the head gear, and the boomerang like sword. I like this take on the character. It’s just the way it was set up in the six minutes that disappointed. Albeit another great animated short just not as impactful as the previous two.



Since Wonder Woman is the last short. This article will focus on her, and what’s come before to set us up for the future of these characters. Steve Trevor everybody’s favorite fighter pilot and liaison, gets captured and is about to be shot in the face. But Wonder Woman jumps through a boom tube created by her mother box to save him in the nick of time. This is when a big fight breaks out, and the dialog kicks in. Its suppose to feel like a playful banter back and forth between the two supposed love interests, but the dialog came off a little flat and awkward. Talking about control and how Steve Trevor is in the bedroom was a bit much. But the action animated was great this is where we get to see wonder woman’s cool looking sword and her kick some henchmen butt.


The New Trinity

But after all that Steve Trevor thinks he can take on Giganta by himself. And Wonder Woman watches on from the sidelines as Steve gets his ass handed to himself by a giant robot. Once Wonder Woman gets in on the fight, the Robot naturally loses. And all pent up from the moment Wonder Woman then decides to have her way with Steve Trevor. This is a fine ending, but it certainly doesn’t have the impact that the last two shorts did. “Twisted” ended on something we’ve never see Batman do. “Bomb” ended on a somber moment as Superman had to end the life of a presumed child. And “Big” ends with sex between two characters who have had a romantic relationship in many other iterations of the Wonder Woman canon.
As I said, I like this interpretation and look of Wonder Woman. The bright white outfit (including pants) the weird looking helmet and the cool looking black sword are all excellent. And her red hair is a pretty meaningless but stark difference from the raven black hair of old. I want to know more about this alternate Wonder Woman and other than she kicks ass and controls the bedroom I don’t know a whole lot yet. So that should make the build up to the Gods and Monsters animated movie an even better pay off. Stay tuned for the review once it’s released.



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