Bryan’s 50 Favorite Games Ever (50-41)

Posted July 15, 2014 by Bryan Boshart in Video Games

Here we go, my top 50 favorite games of all time.

Number 50 is SoulCalibur 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Great game, and the ability to play as Link is what made this version stand out to me.










At number 49 is Sonic 3. Fantastic level design, great music, and it’s one of the first games you could create a save file on.

sonic 3










Next, at number 48 is Heavy Rain. Fantastic story that kept you on the edge of your seat and so many different branching paths made this game great.











Number 47 is Donkey Kong Country Returns. Great stages, good difficulty curve. One of the the best platformers of the last decade.







Mike Tyson’s Punchout takes spot number 46. I played this game so much I can still do some of these fights in my sleep.\

If you played this game you saw this more often than not.

If you played this game you saw this more often than not.













NHL 94 comes next at number 45. This is simply the best hockey game ever. Great gameplay and presentation.

Let's Go Rangers

Let’s Go Rangers










Number 44 is Donkey Kong Country 2. Co-op and competitive two player modes that I played for days, and a standout platformer on a system known for great ones.











We stay on the SNES with number 43. Earthbound is one of the best crazy games you’ll ever play. Name another game where you can play as a psychic kid with a baseball bat who fights against angry taxi cab’s.

This cart is Super Rare nowadays.

This cart is Super Rare nowadays.










Number 42 is Street Fighter Alpha 3. This game I absolutely played to death. Big character roster, and sadly the only SF game to include Karin (my main)

Still wish Karin was in USF4. Looking at you Capcom

Still wish Karin was in USF4. Looking at you Capcom











Rounding this list out is number 41, Okami. Okami is just purely gorgeous to the point it has to be played to be believed.It doesn’t hurt that the game takes a few cues from the Legend of Zelda.


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