Ender’s Game Movie Review

All through the ride to the movie theatre I was preparing myself for a huge disappointment. Ender’s Game ranks as one of, if the not the best science fiction books of all time. It’s a masterpiece. Try and forget wha...

V for Vendetta: A Retrospective (Part One)

There are a select few stories told in the format of a comic book or graphic novel that are widely regarded as classics in the medium. A classic, a term thrown around casually in the modern age, refers to the memorability, the ...

Five Rules of Shelf Organisation

Shelf organisation is a topic that comes up fairly regularly, and I can never resist getting involved. Whenever I look at other people’s comic book shelves I’m thinking about how they’re organised. There’s no right way ...


Justice League of America 7.4 (Black Adam)

If you've been a fan of Geoff Johns' Shazam backs ups, you'll like this fresh take on Black Adam which sees the character come back to life.


Gun Machine by Warren Ellis – Review

If you love Ellis, you'll love GUN MACHINE. If you love police procedurals, you'll love GUN MACHINE. If you love crazy, you'll love GUN MACHINE. If you love great fiction, well defined characters, fast paced action, black humou...