2000AD Prog 1870 Review

A 37th Anniversary issue for the galaxy's greatest comic sees Judge Dredd encounter a mysterious murder and an epic finale to Strontium Dog.

Joshua Fialkov brings The Bunker to print

Today sees the print release of the very well received The Bunker. Joshua Hale Fialkov’s crator-owned book, with the talented Joe Infurnari as the artirst, that was until today, a digital exclusive. The Bunker features 5 ...


Furious #1 Preview

A new superhero miniseries that looks at the pressures power and celebrity bring.

“Death of a Renegade” Story Line Comes to Harbinger

In an exclusive interview with USA Today, Joshua Dysart has unveiled that one of the characters in his ongoing series Harbinger will be killed off in the upcoming story arc. This will be a major part of the next story arc, ent...

Nightwing to end with issue #30

After the confirmed departure of Kyle Higgins, DC now announced that Nightwing will end once it reaches its issue #30, this next April. The confirmation came through today’s solicits, in which it was also confirmed that J...