The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror Hardcover Collection Review

The Simon and Kirby Library provides an incredible look at the works of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, with beautiful restorations that put Marvel and DC to shame. It is a comprehensive collection of the work and makes the stories f...


Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster #2 Review

Lobster Johnson is quickly becoming one of my favorite series, as it continues to excel through an almost cinematic form of storytelling. Mike Mignola and John Arcudi’s script blends perfectly with Tonci Zonjic’s art and Da...


Velvet #4 – Review

Velvet goes undercover again. But this time, the carnival awaits her.


Tortured Life #1 Review

Tortured Life is the new comics venture by independent comic writer Neil Gibson. It follows the story of Richard who can see into the future and how everyone around him is going to die. After alienating himself from his friends...


Swamp Thing #29 Review

Swamp Thing #29 remains an excellent book, despite a lack of plot progression this issue.