Wonder Woman #28 Review

Wonder Woman #28 is another great issue. Are you really surprised?


Punisher 2 Review

Well, let’s get the inevitable comparison out of the way fast and early. This is clearly NOT the Frank we grew to know and love from the latest run. He talks significantly more, and even manages to deliver some cheesy act...


Review: Batman and Two-Face #28

"SHOCKING!" is the word best described the issue.


Dexter Down Under #1 Review

In this number one issue of the new 5 part mini series, Dexter finds himself being recruited to Australia to help with some cases that the Melbourne police department are struggling to solve. We also find out that Dexter has wr...


She-Hulk 1 Review

The new She-Hulk series start off with a fun filled issue, detailing the new status quo for Jennifer Walters post Fantastic Four. It aims to accurately portray superhero law, and is bound to be a series to look out for down the...