Quantum And Woody #6 review

Quantum And Woody continues to astound, endear and disgust as our two heroes come to terms with their powers.


Hinterkind #3 Review

Hinterkind #3 slows down for a quick foray into the world's mythology before picking back up again to advance the plot.


Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Review

A fine conclusion to its Infinity story, Guardians of the Galaxy #9 brings a lot to the fold, but is hurt just a bit by it’s post event release date.


Inhumanity #1 Review

Inhumanity takes the large scope of what is to come in the Marvel Universe and creates a smaller tale of one man’s perspective on his people.


Fearless Defenders 12 Review

Fearless Defenders ends on a high note, continuing to deliver great characterization and progressive storytelling. I am left wanting for the book that I will never get to see, yet incredibly happy that I was lucky enough to get...