Forever Evil Arkham War # 2

Forever Evil Arkham War continues! Who win win Bane or the inmates? Is Penguin wise playing both sides? Should we care?


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man # 5 Review

Superior Foes continues to knock it out of the park! Do yourself a favor and buy this series!


Captain America #13 Review

The last few issues of Captain America have been very interesting as we see a very different Steve Rogers than what we’re used to. After the events that took place in Dimension Z, we find a very broken and tired Steve who...

Enduring Events: Marvel’s Civil War

Whether you love them or hate them, Events and Crossovers are mainstays of the comics medium. Every year a big name creator is given the task of uniting characters from various franchises and telling a compelling story, and the...


Batman/Superman #5 Review

Unfortunately a huge step down in quality after the fantastic opening arc into this series.