The Movement #6 Review

Strong character building and some fun scenes make this calm-before-the-storm issue work like a charm.


Swamp Thing #25 Review

Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz bring the full range of their talents to bear in this high stakes showdown that brings everything we know about the Swamp Thing status quo crashing down around us.


Amazing X-Men #1 review

It seems like Marvel enjoys placing adjectives in front of their titles and making a whole new book out of them. This more than apparent in the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe. There’s All-New, Uncanny, Astonishing and st...


Forever Evil #3 Review

Event books are titled just that for a reason. Massive events occur that alter reality and push the story forward. But in between there are moments that are needed to let the story breathe and set forward things that will alter...


Dept Of Monsterology #2 review

Another great issue in this dark adventure into the unknown recesses of world mythology.