Detective Comics # 25 Review

A zero year tie in! More importantly a VERY GOOD Zero Year tie in!


La Calaca Ladrones Review

Unfortunately you probably haven’t heard of Jesse Davidge or Bob Edwards, which is a shame. I hadn’t either until I read La Calaca Ladrones and its now a name that I wont be forgetting in a hurry and will definitely...


The Shadow Year One #6 Review

Continuing an intriguing exploration of the Shadow's early years against the backdrop of a mafia war being orchestrated by the mysterious Dr Zorn.


Wild Blue Yonder #2

Another solid entry into this awesome indie mini series that is Rocketeer meets Sky Captain and the Day of Tomorrow.

Enduring Events: Marvel’s House of M

Whether you love them or hate them, Events and Crossovers are mainstays of the comics medium. Every year a big name creator is given the task of uniting characters from various franchises and telling a compelling story, and the...