Wild Blue Yonder #2

Another solid entry into this awesome indie mini series that is Rocketeer meets Sky Captain and the Day of Tomorrow.

Enduring Events: Marvel’s House of M

Whether you love them or hate them, Events and Crossovers are mainstays of the comics medium. Every year a big name creator is given the task of uniting characters from various franchises and telling a compelling story, and the...


The Trial of the Punisher #2 Review

Having been accused of murdering a District Attorney, the Punisher is now on trial (if that title didn’t give that much away). The dialogue on the first page nicely justifies the art style of this book: Everyone’s c...


Superior Spider-Man #20 Review

Black Cat finally meets Superior Spider-Man, is it a team up or a beat up? Find out what we thought.


Battle of the Atom #2 (BotA Pt 10) Review

A fairly unsatisfying conclusion to what has otherwise been a great crossover, undoubtedly a casualty of an accelerated shipping schedule, with rushed artwork and overly wordy battle scenes. Although the epilogues do tease some...