Damian Son of Batman # 1 Review

Damian is back, and he does not disappoint! Andy Kubert’s first installment of the 4 part mini is a stellar issue with amazing visuals. A definite buy for any Damian Wayne fan!


Nova #9 Review

The equivalent of a "popcorn movie." Just a light, fun read.


Wolverine and the X-Men #37 (Battle of the Atom Part 9) Review

Another enjoyable chapter in this crazy crossover, it isn't that easy on the eyes but there's still a lot to enjoy as the story nears it's conclusion.


Savage Wolverine #10 Review

Logan has managed to survive so far on the alien planet he’s been forced to call home. But now, a mysterious child has arrived on the planet with a single-minded mission – to kill Wolverine! When the truth of the ...


Justice League Dark #24 Review

What happened to the Justice League Dark team? John Constantine finds himself asking the same question when he awakens in the House of Mystery alone. But things in the house are not what they seem and Constantine finds himself ...