Justice League Dark #24 Review

What happened to the Justice League Dark team? John Constantine finds himself asking the same question when he awakens in the House of Mystery alone. But things in the house are not what they seem and Constantine finds himself ...

Enduring Events: Marvel’s Avengers Disassembled

Whether you love them or hate them, Events and Crossovers are mainstays of the comics medium. Every year a big name creator is given the task of uniting characters from various franchises and telling a compelling story, and the...


Velvet #1 Advanced Review

Ed Brubaker makes a welcome return to the spy-thriller genre with his regular collaborators Steve Epting and Bettie Breitweiser on a series many have been looking forward to, and with good reason, as it certainly doesn't disapp...


Justice League of America #8

A decent entry to this forever evil event but ultimately fails to deliver any real progression in the plot


Batman/Superman #4 Review

Great conclusion to this opening arc of Batman/Superman