Superior Spider-Man #19 review

Superior...not so much!


Wonder Woman #24 Review

If you are reading this issue on a digital device, then crank the contrast to full and watch the pages pop outta the screen. So Wonder Woman has become the god of war, and been called to the chamber to meet with Apollo and his ...


Fantastic Four #13 Review

A fraction as good as previous issues.


FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #4 – The Paradigm Shift, Part Four Review

Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez conclude the first story arc of Vertigo's strangest series as Jay and Adam come head to head as the bubble universe is on the brink of collapsing. Who who will get out alive and live to tell the...


Noctua #2 Review

Noctua #2 has some issues, but there are a few interesting ideas here worth checking out if vampire stories are your thing. The book definitely has potential to do something unique.