Quantum and Woody #4 Review

Quantum and Woody #4 is a great conclusion to the first arc of this stellar book.


Forver Evil #2 Review

Forever Evil #2 is a good second chapter. Lex Luthor steals the show, more is revealed about the Crime Syndicate and Johns keeps building the mystery.


Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 Review

Marvel Knights is back as is Peter Parker, and this issue of Spider-Man is truly popping and bizarre. The first page of this issue, really sets the scene as far as art goes of what we can expect from this mini-series. It just j...


Captain America: Living Legend #1

Great start to this long in production mini by Diggle and Granov.


Swamp Thing 24 Review

Swamp Thing 24 won’t shock the reader as the cover implies. It’s a rather decent chapter in a story arc that has great potential.