Justice League of America 7.4 (Black Adam)

If you've been a fan of Geoff Johns' Shazam backs ups, you'll like this fresh take on Black Adam which sees the character come back to life.


Wolverine and the X-Men # 36, Chapter 5: Battle for the Atom Review

Solid story with Inconsistent art. Wolverine and the X-Men is a must get for those reading Battle of the Atom.


Wonder Woman #23.2 (First Born #1) Review

Wonder Woman #23.2 is a great one-shot that really helps develop the First Born into a more fully-realized character. While Aco's art isn't quite as good as Cliff Chiang's the issue still looks great, and Wilson's colors really...


X-O Manowar #17 Review

X-O Manowar #17 is another example, in an increasingly long line, of why Valiant's relaunch has been so successful.


Daredevil #31

Obviously only time well tell and the next issue will quickly clear up whats going on, but in the meantime, what a story.